Creating business cards was a challenge in itself for Hicks Brickwork LTD. I had to make sure that there was enough white space so that it was not full of overwhelming information. This was particularly difficult because of the style and orientation of the logo. Nevertheless, I came up with a solution. Instead of the logo on the face of the card and the information on the back, I flipped the normal, and mixed the large logo with the information all on the face of the card, allowing for images of previous work or a QR code on the flipside.

Just one example of a possible pattern used by the company on their vans. We are yet to agree on a final design, but with a little work, this is one of the strongest contenders for the final product. The design features green stripes that seem to fade out and get thinner towards the front of the van. This allows the vehicle wrap to have a little bit of character to it, without losing that professional, established business feeling when Hicks arrive at your door.

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