Developing a brand colour palette was difficult. The company needed to appear bold and trustworthy, as they are protecting customers' assets, but also soft and delicate enough to not appear scary. Yellow is the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum. It's the colour that symbolises happiness and optimism globally. Match that with a blue that expresses serenity and stability, and all of a sudden Hive have a beautiful brand palette that emphasises what their company really is.
Hive's business cards had to be very simple. When I broke it down, a business card is a pointer to a point of contact. Simply having a large, inviting logo on the front encourages the reader to interact and flip the card over. On the back side is a simple web address for Hive Security Solutions to allow for a smooth and uncrowded instruction for the user.
When utilised on any sort of dark background, eliminating the brand colours and opting for a white logo mark allows it to still stand out very well, whilst not being too overwhelming or vibrant around professional office spaces.
To allow the packaging for various products, such as T-Shirts, Keyboards or other PC accessories, I had to stick to the brand palette. One way to add more of a uniqueness to this however, was utilise different elements. In this example, on-brand coloured triangles are used to represent confetti, as a sort of congratulations to the recipient of the parcel on purchasing our product.
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