The Pentagram work look book would feature a lot of designs that would educate the general public on just what Pentagram actually do. It would allow them to see just how widespread and ingrained into our lives the design agency is, and deconstruct the company to make them appear more familiar by showing products we see everyday that are linked to Pentagram. This book has been designed to be simple but elegant, with 4 pieces of work on each double spread, to allow them to appear large enough to be appreciated by the reader.

The poster for the presentation allows the placement of the business card style flyers (below) to be collected from shops and cafes around the gallery of the V&As, in order to redeem a free drink on the night of the event. This will encourage more customers to be engaged with the presentation and play a part in a game, instead of being a bystander or onlooker. Once completed, the cards will spell out 'Pentagram.'

To add another element to the game of collection for the V&A presentation, only 250 cards of each letter will be printed. The poster can be purchased at the V&A gallery and the poster will act as the entry ticket to the venue of the event. Each card has a unique 'x of 250' number so that the keeper knows they have a unique limited edition card.

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